First Light

At the entrance, after discussions with the homeowner, we decided to move the main gate to the center, creating a straight corridor from the entrance to the kitchen. We specially designed track lights to outline the entire public area, enhancing the overall visual flow.

The original foyer area was transformed into a cozy relaxation zone with a raised platform and some plants. Large glass panels were installed to bring in ample natural light, complemented by textured cement walls. The homeowner can occasionally sit here to unwind with a book or enjoy a few drinks with friends during the evening.

To maximize storage functionality, we converted the space under the stairs into storage cabinets. Unlike traditional storage rooms, the cabinet’s design seamlessly integrates with the staircase, using its lines to decorate the stairwell. Inside the cabinets, we divided the space into different sections for various functions, allowing the homeowner to store small and large items separately while easily accessing what they need without worrying about storage challenges.

The original master bedroom had ample space, so without altering the layout, we created a semi-open minimalist wardrobe with both display and storage functions for the homeowner. The room utilizes translucent glass as a partition to introduce plenty of light into the dressing area while minimizing interference between the sleeping area and the vanity.