This renovation project involves the transformation of an old house. As the homeowners have been living here for some time, they have a good understanding of their lifestyle needs. Therefore, this renovation feels more like a collaborative design project between the designer and the homeowners.

In the public areas, we demolished the existing guest room on the ground floor to create more space for the dining area and a dry kitchen, making the entire public domain feel more spacious.

To maintain the minimalist design for the long term, addressing clutter in the old house became a crucial design element. We incorporated ample storage in the living room, staircase, and rooms to meet the homeowners’ various storage needs while keeping the space tidy and organized, enhancing the desired sense of simplicity and sophistication.

The homeowners wanted a small corner where they could briefly work without taking up too much space. We placed this workspace next to the staircase. When not in use, it’s concealed within a cabinet, and when needed, simply opening a pocket door creates a small functional workspace.

The bar area serves as a relaxation and hospitality zone for the homeowners. We redefined the dining area as a separate bar area, creating a private gathering space. Here, the homeowners can enjoy a drink with guests, appreciate and share their collections.

The master bedroom’s original space wasn’t particularly large. To address circulation issues, we integrated the entire TV cabinet, dressing table, and mini bar into a single cabinet. The curved design enhances flow and modern aesthetics. We used aluminum grilles outside the bathroom to create a small outdoor area, bringing in ample natural light. It also allows for the placement of potted plants, making the bathroom experience closer to nature. The aluminum grilles serve as a highlight of the house’s exterior, adding a modern touch while maintaining a subtle appearance that blends well with the neighborhood.

For the successful homeowners, we aimed to create an interior space that exudes luxury, stability, simplicity, and practicality. We aimed for an ambiance reminiscent of autumn, a season for savoring the fruits of one’s labor. You won’t find flashy designs here; instead, the focus is on a subdued and premium tone, complemented by the comfort and practicality that simplicity brings—a sense of warmth and home. We hope this renovation will make the homeowners fall in love with this space all over again and savor each day to come.”