Homestay Austin 18

The homeowner wishes to transform this unit into a simple and comfortable bed and breakfast. ‘Warmth and coziness’ and ‘interaction among guests’ are the two key elements we aim to infuse into this space.

We divided the entrance area into a pathway using wooden strips, introducing a blend of wooden furniture and plants, along with a large window showcasing scenic views. The overall ambiance gives the impression of entering a leisurely and relaxing domain. The open layout and minimalist color scheme contribute to a visually expansive and sensory-relaxing atmosphere.

To foster more interaction among guests and provide a unique living experience, we installed a platform by the window. This platform, coupled with the expansive outdoor view, allows guests to engage in conversations, gatherings, or simply relax. When accommodating more guests, an additional mattress can be placed on the platform to increase sleeping capacity.

We hope that this small space can serve as a canvas for creating distinct memories and a unique spatial experience for those who have once stayed here.