In this project, we took the expansive greenery visible through the original storefront’s rear window as our starting point. Our goal was to create a minimalist and natural office space that closely connects with the outdoors.

The client wanted to provide employees with an open office environment that fosters communication while also cultivating a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a vacation. In the office layout, we placed a large 20-foot desk in the center as a communal workspace, allowing employees the freedom to work independently. The desk can also be easily transformed into a group meeting or dining area when needed. The color scheme primarily consists of shades of gray, white, and black, with pendant lights serving as a connecting element to maintain the minimalist concept throughout the office space.

For the brainstorming area, we designed a white stone pathway adorned with ventilation blocks, plants, and wooden benches, bringing the outdoor scenery directly into this second-floor storefront space. This setup aims to help employees relax and engage in creative thinking. The white stone pathway extends to the entrance of the meeting room, allowing visiting guests to experience this natural ambiance as they enter the meeting space. The bar area is strategically positioned to merge with the lounge area, creating an open space that encourages further interaction.