The combination of the texture of wood and warm color tones is not always about following a specific style, but simply desiring to come home to a warm embrace. In this project, the house itself benefits from excellent natural light conditions. We utilized this advantage, along with high ceilings, to position the dry kitchen and central island in the best-lit areas, making meal preparation comfortable and a significant highlight of the entire space. Solid wood furniture, warm color palettes, wooden flooring, and stone textures complement each other, creating an inherently cozy atmosphere.

Multiple entrances to the original common areas made the space appear somewhat cluttered. Through the design of wooden screens and staircase storage cabinets, we concealed the four entrances leading to different areas, giving the public domain a clean and organized appearance while shaping the unity of the space.

The master bedroom has a relatively compact layout. By incorporating a full-body mirror with wooden screens, we added functionality and created a visually enlarged effect in the room. The design of the rotating mirror meets dressing needs, and the suspended design preserves a sense of space. The wardrobe doesn’t take up much space, and for convenience, we opted for sliding doors. With the addition of a linear wood grain design, the entire sliding door looks impressive, and when the direct evening sunlight hits it, it becomes a beautiful scene.

The warmth in this home is an enjoyment of returning home.