In the design of this project, we aimed to present two distinctly different atmospheres on separate floors of the same building, each serving a different purpose. The Service Centre on the first floor features an overall design with a clean, efficient, and sleek aesthetic. On the second floor, dedicated to executive offices, we utilized wood textures and plant arrangements to evoke a sense of stability and grandeur.

The company’s logo prominently features four vibrant colors. For the ground floor, we sought to achieve the optimal visual presentation of the logo and product displays through a white base. The interior incorporates white tones, lighting elements, wooden accents, and intricate iron frames to create a tech-inspired ambiance. The sleek and efficient design of clean lines in the lobby aims to convey an atmosphere of the company’s commitment to providing efficient services to customers.

In planning the spatial layout for the second floor, we faced the challenge of multiple pillars between two storefronts. We strategically positioned rooms around these pillars and transformed the central area with the highest density of pillars into a Center Garden. A custom-designed elongated seating area enveloped by trees creates an indoor oasis, offering a green view from every partition. This not only maximizes the use of space but also ensures that every workspace enjoys a view of lush greenery, promoting employee interaction and sparking creativity in any corner of the shared area.